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The Alliance Group Realty

Impressive Results

In early 2012, with the real estate market at the bottom of a deep decline, The Alliance Group Realty opened in a landmark location and began investing heavily in staff, marketing and technology. Since inception, The Alliance Group Realty has grown dramatically by outperforming (in terms of sales volume) long established brokerages including several national brands and by attracting an abundance of quality Realtors®. Today, The Alliance Group Realty enjoys an excellent reputation as the fastest growing brokerage in the area.


Key Factors

There are several key factors essential to The Alliance Group Realty’s success. However, the single most important factor is the overall support the company offers its Realtors®. At The Alliance Group Realty the Realtors® are treated as clients. The entire support staff, including the broker, is focused on helping its Realtors® with their day-to-day needs which enables the Realtor® to give better service to buyers and sellers. When Realtors® have the support they need, their buyers and sellers get the service they deserve.


Effective Marketing

The Alliance Group Realty thinks like an ad agency and acts like a real estate company. This works because real estate sales are the product of good marketing. Good marketing, in turn, comes from a clear understanding of where buyers come from and why they buy. This is why the company employs an in house graphic designer, experienced marketing consultants, fulfillment vendors and the best equipment available to deliver brochures, postcards, newsletters, and an array of other materials to promote its business. The company also conducts the largest open house program in the area, attracting thousands of buyers to its listings each year. Having its offices in high visibility retail locations where properties are on display really works! Having powerful websites and a strong social media presence that attracts thousands of prospects every month really works! Having Realtors® who bring an abundance of local knowledge and real estate expertise really works! The Alliance Group Realty does not subscribe to doing things “because that is the way its always been done”. In todays highly competitive market, being creative, eye catching, bold and different really works!



Technology is a huge factor in today’s real estate business. It generates buyer prospects and assures sellers that their property is being marketed both locally and globally. The key to harnessing this constantly evolving technology is having brilliant tech people who understand how to convert web activity into buyer leads. Unlike many other companies, when a buyer finds your home on our websites, that buyer is directed to your Realtor® because nobody knows your home and your situation better!


The Independent Advantage

Being an independently owned and operated company allows The Alliance Group Realty to react quickly to the local market. Because all real estate is local and every market is different, having total control to choose where the company needs to invest its resources is critical to getting the desired results. Running a local promotion, such as our Sunday Open House, or focusing Google ads on a specific neighborhood is far more effective than a generic national ad. Because The Alliance Group Realty is not burdened with the high cost of franchise fees, it is able to hire the quality support staff necessary to provide the day-to-day support the agents need. Being independent also enables the company to hand pick expert consultants and vendors to bring forward the very best solutions for our clients and agents. Market statistics now prove The Alliance Group Realty has expanded its sales significantly faster than its national franchise counterparts. In fact, the majority of its agents left national brands to join The Alliance Group Realty and that trend continues.